7 of the best tips for going on a safari

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Africa safariAfrica safariAfrica safariAfrica safariAfrica safariAfrica safari


7 of the best tips for going on a safari

´╗┐Is it time for your next holiday adventure? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Budget and time will play a part in the decision-making process. And with so many amazing places to choose from, how do you whittle down the best destinations? Well, safaris are never an inexpensive holiday option but they can be so worth it.

The cost of accommodation at a safari lodge usually includes meals and sometimes even drinks. It also offers game drives in a modified vehicle with a well-educated guide. The lodges or guest houses are small and intimate, many of which can host more or less twenty guests. So why not get away from the hustle and bustle of city living and go on an African safari that gives you a complete change in scenery. This is a great way to charge your batteries.

This is a win-win holiday option. If you want to enjoy your trip and have the time of your life, then it'll be helpful to look at ways to save money, how to stay safe and how to pack smart when heading on an African safari. All you really want is to get the best bang for your buck. Here are a few common tips to follow for when going on an African safari.


Travel in off-peak season

By traveling during off-peak or low season, you can save a lot of money. The area will often be as attractive as in the high season. Not only will the tickets be cheaper but the game reserves won’t be as overcrowded, too. Accommodation is not as expensive and easily available. There will also be many more activities or sightseeing options open to you. So you can explore more destinations than during on-season. A classic example is a safari in Kenya, South Africa and Botswana during the winter months. During this time, many game lodges offer low season rates or packages for longer stay at discounted rates.


Experience it with a group

Most safari adventures offer a discount for groups, saving you money. You can either experience a safari with a group of family and friends or on your own. You’ll have fun if you go with loved ones but will also have the opportunity to meet new people when joining a group. Everyone will share the costs of accommodation, transportation and food (this is if it’s not included in the accommodation cost). It’ll also allow you to take advantage of the group rates and discounts.


Let the operator handle your budget

If you want to save money, then creating a budget might be an option. That way you’ll only spend within that restricted budget. The consultants will search around for the best deals to keep within your budget. They view it as a challenge to meet your target.


Be open-minded and flexible

Every African safari is different and you don’t always know what to expect, so try not to stress about the things you cannot control. Sometimes you won’t see much on your game drives and other times you’ll see a lot, either way the experience will be magical. Sometimes the ride will be tougher and longer than expected but this is still an adventure worthy of your time. You need to be prepared for extreme temperatures, for mosquitoes and flies and for a fair amount of bushwhacking . Most of the times you’ll be driving on gravel or sand roads and sometimes the driver might decide to cross a river. Prepare yourself for getting dirty, muddy and ruining your shoes.


Stay safe and obey the rules

The set of rules are there for a reason, so obey them. Animals are well hidden and often you don’t see them until it’s too late. Don’t approach the wild animals or any other animal for that matter. Also, don’t make a noise or go wandering off alone. You might scare them away. Keep your hands and camera inside the car. It doesn’t matter where you’re heading, you need to keep yourself and your belongings safe at all times.


Pack smart

Packing for an African safari depends on where you’re heading as well as the time of the year. Different countries have different weather elements in their various seasons, so be sure to check those out before you go. Do you need to prepare for torrential rain or hail storms? You’re going on a safari, so it’s wise to pack a decent pair of walking shoes. Light or neutral coloured clothing and a warm jacket for the evenings is a must. Other essential things to take along are a sunhat, sunglasses, a camera, sunscreen, spare batteries and a charger. It’s also recommended to take along a small daypack and a personal water bottle. Night temperatures can dip below freezing in some African countries, so make sure you pack appropriate thermal sleepwear.


Use your time effectively

The most important time of a safari are those spent on your game drive. You might be tempted to hit the snooze button when the call comes for the morning drive. But it’s out there in the wild bush  where the magic happens. It’s always wise to plan a three to five night safari and use the last day to relax. And on your last day, switch off your mobile phone to have a real time out.

It’s important to decide what your priorities are when traveling around Africa. Take this seven tips into consideration when planning your safari. It’ll be an unforgettable experience offering an exciting mix of wildlife adventure, unique cultural experiences and eye-catching scenery.


Africa safariAfrica safariAfrica safariAfrica safariAfrica safari