Livewell launches special programme for dementia

Livewell - dementia caregiversLivewell - dementia caregivers
Livewell - dementia caregiversLivewell - dementia caregivers


Livewell launches special programme for dementia caregivers who need a break this holiday season

As many caregivers are aware, looking after someone with dementia in the home environment can be demanding, particularly when dementia has reached a more advanced stage. 

Being the sole caregiver of a dependent loved one, particularly of someone who has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, can cause constant strain. Taking care of someone full-time affects every aspect of your life as a caregiver, including your own health and wellbeing. The more dependent the person becomes on you, the more you are forced to sacrifice your own personal time and needs. Very often caregivers feel that they are expected to be selfless and subsequently put the emotions and needs of the person they are caring for ahead of their own. 

In fact, caring for someone who has dementia puts caregivers at a much higher risk of developing burnout or compassion fatigue due to the extremely taxing nature of the disease. 

For this reason, Livewell has developed a special dementia day care programme for caregivers who may feel that they need a little break from their responsibilities. They may wish to take a summer holiday or have a weekend away in the knowledge that their loved one will be well cared for in a comfortable and stimulating environment.

“Caring for a person with dementia can be extremely demanding,” notes Gerhard van der Vyver, Family Advisor of Livewell. “The aim of respite care is to provide some relief for carers, and support them in having a break from their caring responsibilities, to look after their own health and wellbeing.” 

"Unfortunately, many caregivers don’t even realise that respite care is an option. They push themselves to the point of actual illness before someone tells them that they can get help. As a primary caregiver, you know very well that your loved one depends on you. But they can’t depend on someone who is not caring for themselves as well,” he observes.

Respite care offers benefits to both the caregiver and the loved one with dementia while providing the opportunity for a well-deserved break even if they aren’t going anywhere. A break from the responsibilities of care means the caregiver can rejuvenate, spend time with their family and just focus on their own mental health.

For the loved one, Livewell offers people with dementia the opportunity to be well taken care of and to participate in activities in a safe and stimulating environment.
What our special respite care programme offers:

A daily activity programme with many activities and exercises to choose from.
Support services for people with dementia and their families.
Nutritious meals and snacks.
Medical and health services, if required.
Social interaction and stimulation.
The perfect solution for caregivers with daytime commitments.
Safe environment with freedom of movement.

All necessary precautionary measures have been put in place for all our residents. For more information about your dementia care options please visit

Livewell - dementia caregivers